Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures

To ensure the safety of the students, the following rules have been established.

  • Do not drop off students more than 10 minutes before their scheduled class.
  • Students must be picked up promptly when class ends.
  • Students up to age 8 should be escorted to and from the studio by a parent.
  • Students must wait inside the studio to be picked up. No one is permitted to wait outside of the studio.


We urge students to strive for perfect attendance. A student cannot progress if he or she is absent. A student must be present for the entire class to achieve perfect attendance.

Advanced level students may not miss more than three classes in any one subject from April 15 through the revue. Students having more than three absences will not be allowed to participate in the revue. Refunds will not be issued for costumes or revue fees.

Preparing for Class

Students should arrive a few minutes before class so they are ready (proper shoes on, hair in a ponytail, etc…) when class begins. Take the opportunity to focus on steps learned during the last class so you are mentally and physically prepared for the current class. Make sure to use the restroom and get a drink of water before class.

Dress Code

A dancer should always be properly dressed and groomed for class. Long hair should be put out of the way in a bun or ponytail, and should be fastened tight enough to hold together for the entirety of class.

All students are required to adhere to the studio’s uniform policy. The dancewear required is standard throughout the dance world, and may be purchased from any local dance supply store (SEE THE UNIFORMS PAGE).

Class Conduct

A dance class is a group activity whose success depends on cooperation and the acceptance of certain rules by everyone. Students must follow these basic rules:

  • Be on time for class.
  • Listen carefully & watch the teacher.
  • No chatting in class.
  • When changing places in class, do so quickly and quietly.
  • No gum chewing.
  • No food or drinks during class.
  • Never walk through a class in progress.
  • Use the restrooms before class or while changing shoes.


Dance is a performing art, only part of which can be learned in the classroom. Performances give the dancer a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to showcase their talents.

The studio presents an annual revue that is the culmination of everything learned during the year. All students are encouraged to take part in the revue, but are under no obligation to do so. The studio also participates in holiday shows within the community.

Conventions & Workshops

Conventions and workshops provide a great opportunity for dancers to study with and meet world-renowned teachers and choreographers.


Our most used form of communication is email. Please make sure we have your correct email address and be sure to check it often.

Our website will also have up-to-date information posted on the News page.  Emergency studio closings and quick reminders will be sent by text.

To enroll in this service:  text @msory to 81010 or to (504)322-1641.  You can opt out of text messages at anytime by replying ‘unsubscribe @msory’.


Studio closings will be announced prior to holidays.

Class Demonstrator

Awarded to students 13 and older, with at least 5 years of dance training, and at least 1 year with Cindy Ory Dance Studio. A class demonstrator will assist a teacher in a beginner or intermediate level class. Students must attend a review session and pass a basic dance test to qualify for this program.


All tuition is payable in advance and must be paid by the first class of each month to avoid a late charge of $10.00.  There are no deductions for absentees.  No student will be able to participate in the annual revue unless all fees are paid in full.

Students taking two or more classes may take Jazz, Pointe, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre or Gymnastics for a reduced rate.

The second child in a family receives a $5.00 discount per month. Third child in a family receives unlimited classes for $25.00 per month after 2 full tuitions are paid.

Awards – All Previous Years of Dance Recognized

  • PARTICIPATION – Awarded to all students who participate in the annual dance revue.
  • PERFECT ATTENDANCE – A student must be present for the entirety of all registered classes to achieve perfect attendance. No excuses will be accepted.
  • BRONZE MEDAL – Awarded to students who have completed one year of dance training and have participated in one dance revue.
  • SILVER MEDAL – Awarded to students who have completed three years of dance training and have participated in three dance revues.
  • GOLD MEDAL – Awarded to students who have completed five years of dance training and have participated in five dance revues.
  • TEN YEAR AWARD – Awarded to students who have completed ten years of dance training and have participated in ten dance revues.
  • FIFTEEN YEAR AWARD – Awarded to students who have completed fifteen years of dance training and have participated in fifteen dance revues.
  • TWENTY YEAR AWARD – Awarded to students who have completed twenty years of dance training and have participated in twenty dance revues.